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Aman Aberra


Wang B, Aberra AS, Grill WM, Peterchev AV. "Responses of Model Cortical Neurons to Temporal Interference Stimulation and Related Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation Modalities". Journal of Neural Engineering 19.6 (2023: p. 066047.


Cuhadar, U, Calzado-Reyes L, Pascual-Caro C, Aberra AS, Aggarwal A, Podgorski K, Hoppa MB, de Juan-Sanz J. "Activity-driven synaptic translocation of LGI1 controls excitatory neurotransmission". bioRxiv (2022).

Aberra AS, Lopez A, Grill WM, Peterchev AV. "Rapid estimation of cortical neuron activation thresholds by transcranial magnetic stimulation using convolutional neural networks". bioRxiv (2022).

Thio, BJ, Aberra AS, Dessert GE, Grill WM. "Ideal current dipoles are appropriate source representations for simulating neurons for intracranial recordings". Clinical Neurophysiology. 145 (2022): pp. 26–36.

Halawa I, Reichert K, Aberra AS, Sommer M, Peterchev AV, Paulus W. "Effect of Pulse Duration and Direction on Plasticity Induced by 5 Hz Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Correlation with Neuronal Depolarization". Frontiers in Neuroscience. 15 (2021): p. 1566.

Review articles:

Siebner HR, Funke K, Aberra AS, …, Ugawa Y. "Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain: What is stimulated? – a consensus and critical position paper". Clinical Neurophysiology. 140 (2022).

Oral presentations:

"Using multi-scale computational models and voltage imaging to explain the effects of TMS pulse waveform and coil orientation on cortical activation". 5th International Brain Stimulation Conference, Lisbon, Portugal on Feb. 22, 2023. Symposium Session Oral Presentation.

"Using genetically encoded voltage indicators to decode presynaptic function". Merocyanine 540/FLaSh Conference, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA on Aug 26, 2022. Invited Oral Presentation.

"What and where does TMS activate? Evidence from coupled electric field and neural models". 4th International Brain Stimulation Conference, Charleston, SC on Dec. 7, 2021. Symposium Session Oral Presentation

"Realistic modeling of cortical stimulation at the single cell level". Copenhagen Brain Stimulation Virtual Workshop on Nov. 5, 2021. Invited Oral Presentation


Aberra AS and Hoppa MB. "Optical imaging of subcellular responses to electric field stimulation using genetically encoded indicators of neural activity".  Poster presented at 5th International Brain Stimulation Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, on Feb 21st, 2023.

Aberra AS, Lopez A, Grill WM, Peterchev AV. "Rapid estimation of neuronal activation by transcranial magnetic stimulation using convolutional neural networks". Poster presented at 5th International Brain Stimulation Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, on Feb 21st, 2023.


2022 (Winter), co-instructor with Prof. Michael Hoppa of Biol74.01, "Development, Plasticity, and Dysfunction of the Synapse". 

Laura Chapot


"Layers of Clothing in Hjalmar Söderberg's Writing: Translations of "The Fur Coat" (1898) and "A Grey Waistcoat" (1913)" in Volupté: Interdisciplinary Journal of Decadence Studies, (forthcoming fall 2023)

"Moving Currents: A Note of Appreciation" in Scandinavia Refracted, Ian Giles (ed.), Edinburgh, UK: The Scottish Society for Northern Studies (2022), pp. 349-352

"Computational Resonance: Modelling Thomas Mann's Early Novellas" in special issue "Cultural Resonance and the Echo Chamber of Reading" guest-edited by Shuangyi Li in the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue canadienne de littérature comparée. Vol. 47, No. 4 (December 2020)


Invited panelist on Hermeneutics in Real Life discussion series roundtable on the theme of "Are the Digital Humanities an Oxymoron?" Online, November 5, 2022

"Modeling Decadence: A case study in integrating computational text analysis methods in comparative literary and cultural research" at The Anxiety of the Computational – Past, Present and Future, Santa Fe Institute Working Group, August 15-17, 2022


Spring 2022, Spring 2023. "Computational Comparative Literature" Dartmouth College. This course is listed across the Comparative Literature and Quantitative Social Science programs as well as the Translation Studies minor. It is also one of the courses that students can take to fulfill the new Language Requirement for Proficient Speakers.

Olivia Chu


Olivia J. Chu, Jonathan F. Donges, Grigore Pop-Eleches, and Graeme B. Robert- son (2021). The micro-dynamics of geographic polarization: a model and an application to survey data from Ukraine, PNAS, 118(50).

Olivia J. Chu, Vítor V. Vasconcelos, and Corina E. Tarnita, The role of loners in the evolutionary dynamics of set structured populations with barriers to group entry, in preparation (preprint available soon).

Zachary Nathan* and Olivia J. Chu, An evolutionary game theory model of altruism via arrhenotoky, in preparation (preprint available soon). [* indicates an undergraduate co-author]

Adi Ogale*, Brian Wang*, Ryan Wu*, and Olivia J. Chu, Meerkats and alloparenting: examining why meerkats choose to take care of kids that are not their own, in preparation (preprint available soon). [* indicates an undergraduate co-author]


Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting, The Ohio State University, July 2023

SIAM Dynamical Systems Meeting, Portland, OR, May 2023

AMS Spring Sectional Meeting, Georgia Tech, March 2023

Joint Mathematics Meetings, Boston, MA, January 2023

AMS Fall Sectional Meeting, UMass Amherst, October 2022

SIAM Life Sciences Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2022


Math/QSS 30.04 -- Evolutionary Game Theory (Spring 2022)

Math 76 -- Evolutionary Dynamics (Winter 2023).

She also serves as a mentor for a wide range of undergraduate research projects across math, computer science, and QSS. During her time at Dartmouth, she has advised a senior honors thesis, an independent study, a reading course, a UGAR leave term grant project, and two Neukom Scholars grant recipients. 

Dae Houlihan


Houlihan SD, Kleiman-Weiner M, Hewitt LB, Tenenbaum JB & Saxe R. (2023). Emotion prediction as computation over a generative theory of mind. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences381(2251), 20220047.

Houlihan SD, Ong D, Cusimano M & Saxe R. (2022). Reasoning about the antecedents of emotions: Bayesian causal inference over an intuitive theory of mind. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 44, 854–861.

Anzellotti S, Houlihan SD, Liburd Jr. S & Saxe R. (2021). Leveraging facial expressions and contextual information to investigate opaque representations of emotions. Emotion, 21(1), 96–107.

Houlihan SD, Tenenbaum JB & Saxe R. (2021). Linking Models of Theory of Mind and Measures of Human Brain Activity. In M. Gilead & K. N. Ochsner (Eds.), The Neural Basis of Mentalizing (pp. 209–235). Springer International Publishing.

Saxe R & Houlihan SD. (2017). Formalizing emotion concepts within a Bayesian model of theory of mind. Current Opinion in Psychology, 17, 15–21.

van Lutterveld R, Houlihan SD, Pal P, Sacchet MD, McFarlane-Blake C, Patel PR, Sullivan JS, Ossadtchi A, Druker S, Bauer C & Brewer JA. (2017). Source-space EEG neurofeedback

links subjective experience with brain activity during effortless awareness meditation. NeuroImage, 151, 117–127.


Conferences (selected oral presentations)

Houlihan SD, Ong DC, Cusimano M & Saxe R. (July 2022). Reasoning about the antecedents of emotions: Bayesian causal inference over an intuitive theory of mind. Talk given at the 44th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci). Toronto, Canada.

Houlihan SD, Ong DC & Saxe R. (April 2022). Reasoning about emotions, expressions, and events: Bayesian causal inference over an intuitive theory. Talk given at the Society for Affective Science (SAS) Conference. Remote.

Houlihan SD, Kleiman-Weiner M, Tenenbaum JB & Saxe R. (October 2019). A generative model of context-based emotion reasoning. Talk given at the Interdisciplinary Advances in the Development of Emotion Understanding Pre-conference, at the Biennial Meeting of the Cognitive Development Society (CDS). Louisville, KY.

Houlihan SD, Kleiman-Weiner M, Tenenbaum JB & Saxe R. (September 2018). Modeling emotion attribution as inverse inference in an intuitive theory of mind. Talk given at the Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN). Philadelphia, PA. 

Houlihan SD, Kleiman-Weiner M, Tenenbaum JB & Saxe R. (May 2018). Emotion attribution as Bayesian inference in an intuitive theory of mind. Talk given in the symposium, Predictive Social Cognition: Neural and Computational Approaches to Understanding How Perceivers Glimpse the Social Future, at the 30th Association for Psychological Science (APS) Annual Convention. San Francisco, CA.

Corey Lesk


Compound heat and moisture extreme impacts on global crop yields under climate change (Dec. 2022)

Mitigation and adaptation emissions embedded in the broader climate transition (Nov. 2022)

And a second-author paper just came out (led by Mingfang Ting):Contrasting impacts of dry versus humid heat on US corn and soybean yields (Jan. 2023)


"Agriculture and land-climate dynamics" at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in Chicago, IL, Dec. 12-16, 2022.


Geography course for Spring 2023 called 'Life in the Anthropocene'

Lake Como Summer School on Compound Extremes in Como, Italy, Sept. 26-Oct. 7, 2022. led a group of 5 PhD students and postdocs to make sense of how sequential heat extremes affect crops -- the paper is in prep.

Tess McNulty



"The Some and the Many: A Distant Reading of Twitter's Most Popular #Poems," Expressive Networks: Poetry and Platform Cultures, ed. Matthew Kilbane, Amherst UP, forthcoming

"Content's Forms," Critical Theory and Computational Evidence, special issue of New Literary History, forthcoming, Spring 2023

"Content-Era Ethics," joint special issue of Cultural Analytics/Post45, April 2021"Literary Ethics, Revisited: An Analytic Approach to the Reading Process," New Literary History, 49.3 (2018): 383-401

"Joyce Adapting Shelley: The Social Function of Lyric Form," Journal of Modern Literature, 41.2 (2018): 23-41 


"Both Sides Now: Dominance and Abuse on the High School Debate Circuit," Harper's Magazine, August 15, 2022, print

"Mission Impossible," Public Books, November 15, 2021, online

"Sentimental Devices," The Point, March 2, 2021, online

"Blank Screen: Don DeLillo's The Silence," The Point, Oct. 30, 2020, online

"Close Shaves With Content," Post45 Contemporaries, Sept. 17, 2019, online

"Models and Meaning" and "Seeing Double: a Response to Dan Sinykin," Post45 Contemporaries, May 6-7, 2019, online

"Chick Lit Meets the Avant-Garde," Think in Public: A Public Books Reader, Columbia UP, 2019

 "Physical Books, Digital Lives," Public Books, October 11, 2018, online

"Writing the Female Mind: On Madeleine Bourdouxhe's La Femme de Gilles," LARB, Aug. 13, 2017, online

 "Chick Lit Meets the Avant-Garde," Public Books, April 1, 2016, online 


Co-organizer, "Computational Formalism," Neukom Institute Spring Workshop, April 28-29, 2023

"Viral Genres," SFI Working Group: The Anxiety of the Computational, Santa Fe Institute, August 2022

"The Humanities and Digital Culture," New Literary History Symposium: Critical Theory and Computational Methods, University of Virginia, May 2022

"The Case of the Confused Female Character," Seminar: Millennial Fictions, ASAP/12, virtual, Oct. 27-30, 2021


FILM 48: "Analyzing Content: From TikToks to Tweets," Dartmouth College, Winter 2023

Adam Steel


Adam Steel, Brenda D. Garcia, Kala Goyal, Anna Mynick, Caroline E. Robertson (2022). Scene perception and visuospatial memory converge at the anterior edge of visually responsive cortex. bioRxiv. 2022.11.14.516446; DOI:

Anna Mynick, Adam Steel (2023). Dissociating Hippocampal and Cortical Contributions to Predictive Processing. The Journal of Neuroscience. 43(2): 184-186 DOI:

Adam Steel, Brenda D. Garcia, Edward H. Silson, Caroline E. Robertson (2022). Evaluating the efficacy of multi-echo ICA denoising on model-based fMRI. NeuroImage. 264: 119723 DOI:

Adam Steel, Edward H. Silson (2022). Visual category-driven differences in memory. Ed: W. A. Bainbridge, T. F. Brady. Visual memory. Oxford, England: Routledge


Steel, A., Silson, E. H., Garcia, B. D., Robertson, C. E. (November 2022). A retinotopic reference frame structures perceptual-mnemonic interactions. Poster presentation. Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA.

Steel, A., Garcia, B.  D., Mynick, A., Goyal K., Robertson, C. E. (April 2022). Representation of visuospatial context in posterior cerebral cortex. Poster presentation. Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

September 2022 University College London (Hugo Spiers)

November 2021 University of Chicago (Wilma Bainbridge)

January 2021 UC Davis (Charan Ranganath)


2020-current Co-Founder, Innovators in Cognitive Neuroscience,


2023 (Winter) Lecturer, PBS 81.11: "Real-world scene perception", Dartmouth


2022 (Winter/Spring) Neukom Scholar supervisor (Kenna van Steyn), Dartmouth

2020-2021 Thesis advisor (Brenda Garcia; Best thesis award), Dartmouth