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  • Arctic drone synthesis to bridge the gap from plants to pixels

    13 researchers met in New Hampshire to advance Arctic tundra research. Attendees (plus three remote participants) tackled one of the largest drone-imagery datasets ever compiled for high latitudes - all contributed from field teams using similar protocols - to commence the High Latitude Drone Ecology Network (HiLDEN, data synthesis.

    Jeff Kerby
  • Vital Topics Forum in American Anthropologist

    18 essays were published in American Anthropologist that Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow Rick W.A. Smith co-edited, he also co-authored three pieces in the series, two which were framing and history of science pieces, and one piece on queer science.

    Headshot image of Rick W.A. Smith
  • Tarsier Goggles

    A virtual reality tool for experiencing the optics of a dark-adapted primate visual system, Neukom Undergraduate Travel Grant Recipient - Sam Gochman

  • Neukom Fellows Class of 2019 Announced

    Dan Rockmore, Institute Director is delighted to be able to announce next year's class of Neukom Postdoctoral Fellows, recruited out of a pool of 150 applicants. Thanks to all who participated in the process. We look forward to welcoming them to campus next fall

    Aerial photo of Baker-Berry Library and Dartmouth Green.
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