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  • Digital Humanities Beyond Modern English

    Neukom Post Doctoral Fellow, Joseph Dexter and Neukom CompX Faculty grantee, Pramit Chaudhuri bring a two part conference on the Computational Approaches to Premodern and Non-Western Literature to Dartmouth.

  • Vital Topics Forum in American Anthropologist

    18 essays were published in American Anthropologist that Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow Rick W.A. Smith co-edited, he also co-authored three pieces in the series, two which were framing and history of science pieces, and one piece on queer science.

    Headshot image of Rick W.A. Smith
  • Tarsier Goggles

    A virtual reality tool for experiencing the optics of a dark-adapted primate visual system, Neukom Undergraduate Travel Grant Recipient - Sam Gochman

  • Neukom Fellows Class of 2019 Announced

    Dan Rockmore, Institute Director is delighted to be able to announce next year's class of Neukom Postdoctoral Fellows, recruited out of a pool of 150 applicants. Thanks to all who participated in the process. We look forward to welcoming them to campus next fall

    Aerial photo of Baker-Berry Library and Dartmouth Green.
  • The Ship of Theseus

    A framework for intertexutality connecting literature, biology, and computation- 150th Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies, San Diego, January 2019, Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow J.P. Dexter

    Felix Gonzalez-Torres' sculpture "Untitled" (Public Opinion)
  • People, Places, and Algorithms

    Alasdair Rae (Urban Studies & Planning, University of Sheffield) will be giving a public lecture on "People, Places, and Algorithms", Monday, March 4 at 4 pm — Dartmouth College, Steele 006. A Neukom Institute Sponsored Event.

    Public Lecture - Monday, March 4 at 4pm - Steele 006
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