CompX Faculty Grants

CompX supports computational research across the campus and professional schools. This program seeks to fund both the development of novel computational techniques as well as the application of computational methods to problems in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts.

Grant Information & Responsibilities

Grant Proposal Submissions

The focus of all proposals must be consistent with the mission of the Institute and/or directly related to current activities or programs of the Institute. Preference goes to funding for seeding new work (with keen attention paid to its potential and "risk-reward" ratio), but funding is also available to assist continuation of on-going research. In the latter case, the proposal must show current funding, focus and purpose of research, indicate why additional funding is being sought and expected outcome. Funds can also be used to hire student research assistants, to develop new programs or specific courses or develop or purchase specific teaching aid(s) or material(s).

Grants Size and Duration

Awards are for one year and are of two types:

  • One award of up to $40,000
  • A number of awards of up to $25,000

The expectation is that awards will be spent out within one year unless an extension is requested in writing and granted by the Institute Director. The Institute reserves the right to make no awards if it is deemed no proposals meet the Fellowships Working Group's opinion of appropriateness.


Grants are open to all Dartmouth faculty, of any rank, including the undergraduate, graduate and the professional schools. Collaborators may be from Dartmouth or outside the campus and may include undergraduate and graduate students, junior faculty and independent scholars. Funds may not be used for PI salary. Preference may be given to faculty who have not received funding from any other Dartmouth source within the past three (3) years.

Budget Responsibility

PI is responsible for budget and account oversight and all activities must conform to approved budget unless variance is requested and approved in writing; overages will be sole responsibility of the PI and not the institute; any unused funds will revert to the Institute.

Account Management

PI has sole responsibility but must be coordinated through the Institute including notification of all expenditures and documentation/receipts for same must be provided to the Institute.

Grant Completion

Grant will be considered complete and eligibility for future possible funding is contingent upon all of the following:

  • Working Papers and Publications: All grants must produce a working paper that is supplied by the PI to the Institute Director and will be posted to the Institute's web site; all working papers and/or publications must acknowledge the William H. Neukom 1964 Institute for Computational Science

  • Reporting: PI must provide to the Institute Director a project report and financial summary within 60 days of the end of the grant period.

Application Process

Each application should include:

  • CV for PI and Co-PI(s), a list of current sources of funding must be included, if applicable
  • Research Proposal (limited to 2 single-spaced pages), includes a general overview of the proposed research and specifically describes the computational component
  • Detailed Budget 

To apply, please submit an application electronically.

  • Email questions to


  • Proposals Due: February 1, 2022
  • Notification of Awards: Start of Spring Term