Interdisciplinary Working Groups

The Neukom Interdisciplinary Working Groups (NIWG) initiative is designed to engender collaborations with a computational theme between faculty in different departments with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary computational work and providing seed funding for exploratory projects that often cannot find funding in standard disciplinary venues. The Neukom Institute strongly encourages proposals from all around campus.

Program Information

Participants can be drawn from both within and outside the College. Possible goals of a NIWG meeting might be to initiate an interdisciplinary line of work or to work together on a grant proposal, or to collaborate on a paper or collection of papers. The collaborative aspect of these kinds of meetings and their size will distinguish them from a standard workshop.

NIWGs must satisfy the following criteria:

  • NIWGs are meant to be small (on the order of 8 or so participants).
  • NIWGs must be proposed/sponsored by faculty from at least two departments with an explicitly interdisciplinary theme.
  • NIWGs can extend from one to five days.
  • The PIs on the NIWG must produce a summary document for the Neukom Institute.

Proposal Process

Written proposals should be at most two pages and should include the names of the proposed participants, approximate hoped for dates, a rationale of why this meeting is both necessary and timely as well as the hoped for outcomes from the NIWG meeting. The PIs should also send CVs. Additional supporting materials can be included.

Please send proposals to the