2021 - 2022 Scholars

Fall Term

Corpus of Corinthian Vase Inscriptions

Guy Berry `24 Advisor: Simone Oppen  (Classics)

Towards a Digital Corpus of Corinthian Vase Inscriptions                 

Tiffany Chang `24 Advisor: Simone Oppen  (Classics)

Image Processing of Deep Brain Stimulation Cases

Kristen Chen `22 Advisor: Keith Paulsen (Engineering)

A Novel "deep learning"-based Approach to search for Divergent genes of similar function

Jonathan Chiou `22 Advisor: Olga Zhaxybayeva (Biology)

Biomimicry in Architecture, Industrial Design and Art Installations

Jackline Gathoni `24 Advisor: Karolina Kawiaka (Studio Art)

Using Machine Learning to Leverage Central Auditory Tests to Track Cognitive Function in People With HIV

Basile Montagnese `22 Advisor:  Jay Buckey (Biomedical Research)

Deep Learning using CNN-LSTM Detects SSRI use from Physical Activity

Franklin Ruan `24 Advisor:  Michael V. Heinz (Medicine)

Bacteroides and E. coli Interaction in the Gut of Children with Cystic Fibrosis  

Rebekah Ruff`24 Advisor: George O'Toole (Microbiology and Immunology)

Statistical Applications in Computational Paleography: Analyzing Descriptive Metadata Sets of Medieval Manuscripts with STATA

Kamil Salame `24 Advisor: Cecilia Gaposchkin (History)

Analyzing the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Novel 2D materials

Anay saraf `24 Advisor: Geoffroy Hautier (Engineering)

Formation of the Milky Way Galaxy

Tal Sternberg `23 Advisor: Brian Chaboyer (Astronomy)

Timeline Visualizations in the Digital Humanities

Elizabeth Wilson `22 Advisor: Edward Miller (History)