2020 - 2021 Scholars


The Effects of Feature-based and Location-based Volitional Covert Attention on Memory

Ethan Adner `22 Advisor: Jeremy R. Manning   (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Analyzing the Affective Responses to Visual Stimuli in Octopus Bimaculoides

David Arce `21 Advisor: Kelly Finn (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Neural Machine Translation Models with Back-Translation for Extremely Low-Resource Indigenous Languages

Isaac Feldman `23 Advisor: Rolando Coto-Solano (Linguistics)

Computational Simulation of CRISPR Recorders to Trace Cell Lineage    

Ian Hsu `23 Advisor: Aaron McKenna (Geisel School of Medicine)

Climate Change and Freshwater Availability

Emily Martinez `21 Advisor: Justin Mankin (Engineering Sciences)

Modeling the influence of environmental uncertainty on predictions during reward-based learning

Ethan Trepka `22 Advisor:  Alireza Soltani (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Evidence for optimizing community-led social distancing and measuring secondary displacement during the COVID-19 pandemic

Agnes Ugoji `22 Advisor: Dani Poole (Geography)