2018 - 2019


ATLAS: Automated Tone Level Annotation System           

Emily  Grabowski, Advisor: Laura McPherson (Linguistics)

Information Extraction from EMRs to Predict Readmission following Acute Myocardial Infarction   

Malik  Namya `20, Advisor:    Paul Thompson (TDI)

Contact metrology techniques to analyze the polyethylene components of total shoulder retrievals  

Abigail Baldwin `18,  Advisor: Douglas Van Citters (Biomed Engineering)

Elucidating the Precise Molecular Steps between AP Waveform Changes and the Downstream Modulation of Ca2+ Influx and NT Release

Morven Chin `18,  Advisor:   Michael Hoppa (Biology)



The Atomic Interactions in Bose-Einstein Condensates and Quantum Degenerate Fermi Gases using Ultracold Lithium Isotopes (lithium-6 and lithium-7)

Anne Woronecki `18, Advisor: Kevin Wright (Physics & Astronomy)

Co-diffusion of Innovations, A focal point in the Computational Social Sciences     

Ho-Chun Herbert Chang `18, Advisor: Feng Fu (Mathematics)

The Moderating Influence of Social Contact on Perceptions of Immigrants in France      

Katherine Clayton `18, Advisor: Yusaku Horiuchi (Government)

Computational Selection and Remodeling of Antigens to Focus Immune Response           

Ellen Smalley `19, Advisor:  Christopher Bailey-Kellogg (Computer Science)

Predicting Brain Activity from Natural Visual and Semantic Features

Cara Van Uden `19, Advisor:  Haxby & Gobbini (Psychological & Brain Sciences)

Developing Algorithms for Extracellular Spike Separation using Neural Recordings from Neotropical Katydids   

Caitlyn Lee `19, Advisor: Laurel Symes & Hannah ter Hofstede (Biology)



Entanglement Spectrum of NMR Engineered Spin Hamiltonians        

Kent Ueno `18, Advisor: Chandrasekhar Ramanathan (Physics & Astronomy)

Language Revitalization Efforts on Chatino, An Indigenous Language of Oaxaca, Mexico         

Joseph Waring `18, Advisor: Hilaria Cruz (Computational Linguistics)

Cardiac Risk Models for Adverse Outcomes: NLP in Clinical Notes and Meta-Analysis     

Jessica Kobsa `20, Advisor: Jeremiah R. Brown (Epidemiology)

Understanding Gambling Behavior Using Massive Online Casino Data, Combined with Modeling of Risk Attitudes          

Jonathan Meng `18, Advisor: Feng Fu (Mathematics)


Developing a Robust Method to Separate Background in Histology Images

Rachael Chacko `21, Advisor: Saeed Hassanpour (Epidemiology)

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Canada's Hydrometric Data (HYDAT) have Collected Mean Daily Discharge (volume of flow per time) Data for over 1000 Undammed Rivers in the Past Century. 

Shannon Sartain `21, Advisor: Carl Renshaw (Earth Sciences)