Virtual Workshops

The Neukom Institute will be able to support at least one and possibly two virtual workshops. In contrast to the working groups, these are larger and more formal gatherings, generally composed of a schedule of lectures and/or presentations, panels, etc.

Program Information

Typical lengths of a workshop are three to five days and have twenty-five or so participants (so as to keep them from being a less intimate and generally less productive conference-like gathering). In some shape or form, computation should be a key organizing conceit for the subject of the conference.


  • Workshops should be open to the Dartmouth community at large.
  • Given the logistical difficulties of putting together a meeting of this size, proposals for a 2021 - 2022 workshop will be considered once (presumably for a winter, spring or summer meeting) with a deadline for proposals of December 1, 2021. Please send proposals to the Neukom Institute.
  • Organizers are required to submit to the Neukom Institute a report summarizing the outcomes of the workshop.