Fake News, Propaganda, and Narrative Force

An interdisciplinary working group with expansive interests in the relationship of fake news, propaganda, and storytelling as forces that create social climate and drive social thought and action. Our members work on topics that span all modes and media, ranging from computationally assisted fact-checking, to the neuroscience of self-reinforcing beliefs, to historical and contemporary practices of fakery in the newsroom, to faking as a means of counter-propaganda and resistance. Our intellectual home is the Susan and James Wright Center for the Study of Computation and Just Communities within the Neukom Institute at Dartmouth College.

The working group contacts are—Lynn Patyk, Petra McGillen, and Dan Rockmore

Research & Readings

There is a lot of information on misinformation out there. In this section, members of our working group share what they are currently reading, listening to, or thinking about—whether it's new research or a classic worth rediscovering. 

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