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Math-O-Vision 2013–2015

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Life, to the Power of Math

We asked High school students, nationally, to show the world of equations that surrounds us, how math fills our world. The competition was not just for mathematicians, but, for creative people to make 4-minute movies that delved into and showed the math that is all around us.

Students told an original story inspired by mathematics. Saw the world through mathematical eyes. Thought. Created. Revealed a mind-expanding view of the world as it appears through math.

They brought "Math-O-Vision" to life!

The Neukom Institute for Computational Science and the Dartmouth College Math Department offered prizes to students attending High Schools within the United States (or in alternative, accredited programs) to explore the ways math appears in our world, in technology, nature, and the arts.

Life, to the power of math.



2013 Closing & Winner Info

It's been a fantastic first year for us, the judges have given their votes and the winners are presented below. We'll continue the conversation over the Summer, so stay tuned to our Facebook page ( To see the movies, visit our website at We'll begin the contest again next fall. Be sure to "like" our page to keep up-to-date with our news and events.

A huge "Thank You" to all of the people who made our first year a smash success!


First Prize • $4k
Integration of Math and Life • Austin Eng, Katherine Lin
(from Freehold, NJ)

"...did the best job of showing the pervasiveness of math in real life...loved how the equations were diagrammatically overlaid onto the action....extremely professional and effective. "
–Steven Strogatz

Second Prize
• $2k
The Mathter • Tim Schauer
(from Charlottesville, VA)

"Fun, dramatic, fast, passionate, snarky, good visual style....with conviction, humor. I found it the most compelling of the films."
–Steven Strogatz

Third Prize
 • $1k
Graphing Flowers • Emily Griffith
(from Luckey, OH)

"Shows a cool, complex concept and teaches it well."
–Lorie Loeb

Third Prize
 • $1k
Mathelicious! • VHHS Vid-Teamers
(from Vestavia Hills, AL)

–Tom Sito

Honorable Mentions 
• $250
Math...Powers the Internet • J. Parker Garrison
(from Indian Trail, NC)

"Nicely informative"
–Tom Sito

Honorable Mentions
 • $250
Trig in a Tree • Maddy Stewart and Bailey Bermond
(from Evergreen, CO)

"Haunting and intimate. Delightful mix of video and stop animation....something about this film stayed with me. It felt personal, and had real heart.
–Steven Strogatz


What is Math-O-Vision?


The Neukom Institute for Computational Science has paired with the Dartmouth Math Department to create "Math-O-Vision", a movie contest inviting 13 – 17 year old High School students to open up their "math eyes" and reveal the world that they see creatively. Entries were due by May 1, 2013.

Judges were:

Alan Alda •  Six-time Emmy-award and Golden Globe Award winning actor and director who has appeared in hits such as "M*A*S*H" and "The West Wing"

Tom Sito • Who has been called one of the "Hundred Most Important People in Animation."

Ge Wang • Co-Founder of Smule, a mobile application startup where has designed popular apps such as Ocarina.

Steven Strogatz • award-winning Professor of Applied Mathematics at Cornell University and New York Times Columnist.

Lorie Loeb • Research Professor in the computer science department at Dartmouth College and is the Director of the Digital Arts Minor.

Dan Rockmore • Director of the Neukom Institute of Computational Science and Founder of the Math-O-Vision Competition.



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