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Neukom Fellows Teaching 2014-2105


Mark Laidre
BIOL 52.01: Behavioral Ecology: Organisms that Change Their World 

Sravana Reddy
LING 50/COSC 73: Computational Linguistics 

Allen Riddell
Modeling the History of the American Judiciary (Seminar)


James Dietrich
GEOG 59; EARS 77/177: Environmental Applications of GIS 

Alice Doughty
EARS 15: Earth's climate – Past, Present and Future 

Michael Evans
FILM 46/SOCY 49.13: Science and Religion in American Media Winter 

Allen Riddell
MATH 5/ENGL 55.5 Machine Readings: Text Analysis in the Information Age 

Kes Schroer
ANTH 12.4: Your Inner Chimpanzee 


Erin Butler
Informal only - Scientific Communication w/ENGL 86 and 88: Independent Project and Senior Thesis

Joe DiGrazia
SOCY 21: Political Sociology

Last Updated: 11/14/14