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Neukom Grad Fellows '15

Winners of Neukom Graduate Fellowships have been announced for the 2014-2015 academic year. Fellowships will provide a full year of funding, including stipend and benefits, to Ph.D. students engaged in faculty-advised research in the development of novel computational techniques as well as the application of computational methods to problems in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts.

The 2014-2015 winners are:

The Connection Between Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes

Chien-Ting J. Chen
Ryan Hickox—Faculty Advisor (Physics)


Surgical View Augmentation Using Multimodal Imaging

Shadab Khan
Ryan Halter—Faculty Advisor (Thayer)


The Neural Encoding of Social Network Structure

Carolyn Parkinson
Thalia Wheatley (PBS), Adam Kleinbaum (Tuck)—Faculty Advisors


Modeling Stochastic Gene Expression to Investigate Origins of Variation in Cell Behavior

Samantha Roberts
Amy Gladfelter—Faculty Advisor (Biology)


Extracting Fundamental Principles of Tissue-Specific Expression with Deep Learning

Jie Tan 
Casey Greene—Faculty Advisor (Genetics)

Last Updated: 7/18/14