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Dan Rockmore, Neukom Director, William H. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science, and Associate Dean of Science faculty. Dan came to the College in 1991, after completing his undergraduate work at Princeton University and earning his Ph.D. at Harvard University. In 1995, he was one of 15 scientists awarded a five-year Presidential Faculty Fellowship from the White House for excellence in education and research. He is a member of the external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute and since 2005, Dan has directed its Complex Systems Summer School. The Institute is the pre-eminent center in the world for research in complex systems, the discipline that brings to bear computational methods for investigations into the structure of evolutionary phenomena.

At Dartmouth, Dan holds appointments in two academic departments, Math, and Computer Science. In his deep commitment to interdisciplinary study, Dan is poised to continue and further advance the interdisciplinary nature and scope of the important work that the Neukom Institute is doing. Dan’s appointment will complete what was originally the five-year Directorship held by Professor Hany Farid, who will be taking a leave from the College to pursue his work on the forensic uses of digital technology.



• The Cultural Evolution of National Constitutions, presented at the Empirical Legal Studies Conference, France

• Bending the Law, presented at the Empirical Legal Studies Conference, France

• Agenda Formation and the U.S. Supreme Court: A Topic Model Approach, presented at the Empirical Legal Studies Conference, France

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Last Updated: 6/25/18