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2014 News & Projects Archive


• Neukom Fellow's Tweet Research on NPR Blog



• Neukom Postdoc Fellows '14-'15 Announced!

• Donoho Winter 2014 Colloquium: Sue Halpern - Are We Puppets In a Wired World?



• 2014 CompX Winners Announced! 

• Neukom Prize for Undergraduate Research '14

• Neukom Prize for Graduate Research '14

• Neukom Grad Fellows '15 Announced!

• Digital Domains: A conference concerning the proliferation of digital mapping techniques has not only transformed the way archaeology.



• William Neukom '64 has committed $10 million

• Duke DataFest

• Your Future In ScienceA one-day workshop for building career skills specific to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

• Students Go Climbing in the Footsteps of Chimpanzees: Dartmouth's Kes Schroer has taken her students on an unusual adventure "in order to put themselves into the mind of a chimpanzee"

• Poster Session Highlights Graduate Student Research: Neukom Grad Fellow Seth Cohen wins award.

• Text and Data Mining: Projects, Tools and Student Engagement: Neukom Fellows teach text & data mining



• Dartmouth at PlayDartmouth at Play aims to instigate a lively conversation about games and play, sharing insights with students, faculty, and staff.

• DAX 2014Student animations and video art, spanning several classes, departments, and private projects.

• Math-O-Vision 2014The Neukom Institute for Computational Science has paired with the Dartmouth Math Department to create "Math-O-Vision", a movie contest inviting 13 – 17 year old High School students to open up their "math eyes" and reveal the world that they see creatively.

• Metadata Games: A digital gaming platform for gathering data on photo, audio, and moving image artifacts.

• The Birth of BASIC: May 1, 2014 marked 50 years since Dartmouth Mathematics Professors Kemeny and Kurtz made computing history when they successfully launched the BASIC computer language

• Neukom Prizes Deadlines May 1, 2014: The Neukom Prizes were created to encourage undergraduate interest in the sciences and to recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate research in the sciences.

• Neukom Grad Fellows '14 Announced

• Wall Street Journal: How BASIC Opened Up Computers to All



• A Course Badging Case Study: An Inside Higher Ed article with Dartmouth's Michael Evans



• Neukom Collaborates on Digital Orozco

• The Digital Life of Salman Rushdie



• Neukom Co-sponsors Decoding Population Responses 2014

• The Birth of Basic 




• What's the Big Idea?



• The Digital Crucible: A meeting focused on exploring Digital Humanities uses of emerging technical and computational resources to provide access to knowledge and reshape its meanings.  

• HackDartmouth I: Where hackers collaborate with mentors and each other to create innovative projects.

• Workshop In The Woods: Audio/Visual Synthesis 



• Occom CircleA freely accessible, scholarly digital edition of handwritten documents by and about Samson Occom.





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